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US military nuclear secrets leaked due to the use of online flashcard apps by personnel

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The latest news comes about US Military, According to news U.S military nuclear secrets leaked. When a British investigative news website Bellingcat has searched the Internet with common words about nuclear weapons. So he got the word cards used by the nuclear weapons managers of the US military. These cards were published on the Internet, and they entered US military passphrases to enter and exit military forces.

How can US military nuclear secrets be leaked?

US military cybersecurity is too strong but how can its possible to be US military nuclear secrets are leaked. Passwords that are difficult to remember. Will inspire users to write them on Post-it notes. Military organizations have more complex security codes to remember. Which would also trigger similar, but more severe-outcome behaviors. Such as the place where nuclear bombs are deployed. Media Bellingcat reported that some US forces responsible for monitoring US nuclear weapons in Europe have used an online flashcard app to record military information. These defense secrets have exposed the Internet.

US military base nuclear secrets

The Word Card app is a common tool for digital learning. Like reading words. You can write questions on one side and answers on the other side. There are many online apps as well. Such as Chegg, Cram and Quizlet. A lot of information can be found by searching these apps with keywords. Journalists in the media found that by typing in the general terminology of nuclear weapons, they could find word cards used by soldiers from six military bases in Europe that store nuclear weapons.

They found that it contains a lot of security information and secrets. Such as the location of the camera, the frequency of patrolling at the location where nuclear weapons were placed. Secret signs for guards, and secret language military powerhouses to enter and exit.

In 2019, the Washington Post reported that the US military had stored 150 nuclear bombs in Europe, and a report from the NATO Congress erroneously announced locations in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries, but the United States Not confirmed or denied it.

According to media reports, some word cards have been published on the internet since 2013. While others have recorded detailed data since April this year. It is not known whether this information is still in use.

Bellington Dialogue NATO and US After the military, these cards were removed from the internet before public reports.

The report quoted a US Air Force spokesman as saying. That the US Air Force has seen. That these flashcards include “many topics”. But the US Department of Defense and the Air Force do not use these online flashcard apps. But will check “usability”. “Of the information shared by these apps.

This is not the first time US military secrets have been made public on the Internet. In 2017, security personnel discovered that the AWS S3 database storing US military satellite image information and other military secrets had no password, and access was possible by the time it found its way.

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