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Google Pixel 5 looks to be using an under Screen top speaker [Price]

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Google pixel 5

Despite being a flexible OLED panel, Google Pixel 5 is not equipped with an in-screen fingerprint reader. But some of these details may go unnoticed. In fact, Google did not emphasize the fact that the Pixel 5 uses an under-screen front speaker.

Pixel phone hardware diagram

When the Pixel phone hardware diagram found on Reddit, you can see the label of each component highlighted on the Pixel 5.

Google Pixel 5 Hardware Diagram

According to the photo, there is a perforated front camera on the left side of the fuselage. The middle part has two under-screen openings. The upper part is the distance / ambient light sensor, and the large circle at the bottom represents the top speaker.

  1. Sim Card Tray
  2. proximity and ambient light sensor
  3. Top Microphone
  4. Top speaker
  5. Front-facing camera
  6. Power button
  7. Volume up / volume down
  8. Led Flash
  9. Rear-Facing camera
  10. Pixel Imprint
  11. NFC
  12. Wireless charging
  13. USB Type-C port
  14. Bottom Speaker
  15. Bottom Microphone

Google can use piezoelectric speakers to vibrate the display to produce sound. Based on the quality of the speakers, the reviewer noted that in some cases, audio quality is better.

Google Pixel 5 Sorta Grey

Such technology may provide new ideas to other manufacturers. Given the current situation. The surprising details that Google has brought to Pixel 5 are actually many.

Pixel 5 launch date & price

Google Japan’s Twitter account announced a pre-order for Pixel 5. According to the Udemix, Google will announce Pixel 5 at the launch night event on 30 September. As per previous reports, Pixel 5 will be equipped with Snapdragon 765G chipset, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage space, and 6 inch 90Hz. OLED display. Screen.

Google Pixel 5 5G Supported

Not cheap: Google Pixel 5 & Google pixel 4 price exposure in Japan

In terms of cameras, it includes a 12.2MP main camera and a 16MP ultra wide angle, with a built-in 4080mAh battery. Of course, the Pixel 5 also has excellent 5G link performance. The phone costs 74,800 yen (~ US $ 708) in Japan.

Pixel 4 is priced at 89,980 yen (~ $ 852) in Japan. For reference, the Pixel 4 starts at $ 799 in the United States. Similarly, the Pixel 4a in Japan also costs 42,900 yen (about US $ 406), and the retail price in the United States is US $ 349.

According to rumors, the Pixel 5 will be priced between $ 649 and $ 699 in the United States.

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