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Most watched games on YouTube 2020: 100B watch time hours

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So, YouTube releases the most watched games of 2020 & Accrding to the Viewed count Minecraft wins the championship because this game is most Popular. According to udemix News, December 27, the official YouTube creator Twitter account today released the most-watched game of 2020. Minecraft “Minecraft” won the championship. The game has been viewed more than 200 billion times, more than double that of second place.

We now have over 40 million active gaming channels. Globally, over 100 billion hours of games content was Viewed on YouTube. It is like traveling back to Neptune and 475,000 times. Live streaming on YouTube was an incredible year. The time we watched from video game live streams has exceeded 10 billion hours. Producers such as LazarBeam, Lyna, MortaL, CouRage, TheDonato and Typical Gamer are streaming exclusively on YouTube. We have seen Valkyrae grow to become the biggest female live streamer on all of YouTube. Because he started streaming exclusively on YouTube.


Compared to competitors Twitch and Facebook, YouTube can broadcast and upload videos in real time. In terms of viewership, Minecraft continues to maintain its leading position with its highly customization features and diverse game play.


Roblox (Most watched games)

Roblox is second on the list. This is the Most watched games on YouTube 2020. The game is somewhat similar to “Minecraft”. It is currently the world’s largest multiplayer online creative game. It has been launched on iOS, Windows, iPad OS, Xbox and other platforms. The maximum number of simultaneous online users reached 5.2 million.


Garena Free Fire

The third-ranked game is Garena Free Fire . This is the Most Viewed games on YouTube 2020. A battle royal game similar to eating chicken for mobile only. This game have no official version for desktop but you have to play this game in desktop by using simulators. This game is not available for Xbox, PlayStation, Google Stadia and more.

Garena Freefire - Most watched games on YouTube

Grand Theft Auto V (Most watched games)

Fourth place is the classic Grand Theft Auto V . This is the Most watched games on YouTube 2020. Also known as GTA V. This game not only has stand-alone mode. Can also be played online. Which is loading multiple mod modules to enrich the experience. This is the most popular and premium game in the word.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the Most Viewed games on YouTube


The fifth rank is Fortnite . This is the Most viewed games on YouTube 2020. Which has caught fire in recent years. It is currently presented by Tencent in China, and the game was removed from the shelves by Apple due to a split dispute.


Udemix found that YouTube’s most-watched games list champion in 2010 is “Minecraft”, and the runner-up is “Fortnite”. GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V), Garena Free Fire and Roblox finished third to fifth respectively.

Most watched games on Youtube
Most watched games - Gaming Creators
Most watched games - 10 billion hours watch Time

Global top overall most games watched of 2020:

Top creators by gaming views in 2020: 

Breakout creators of 2020 (in no particular order):

Top live streamers by views of 2020 (in no particular order):

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