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Microsoft Windows 10 is receiving major driver updates in December 2020

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Microsoft Windows 10 is receiving major driver updates in December: including Intel, Nvidia, and AMD versions

News from Udemix, 6 December Foreign media Windows latest reported that Microsoft Windows 10 is receiving major driver updates for December on Intel, NVIDIA and AMD computers.

Is to prepare your computer for future Windows 10 and application/game updates. This is the most important to ensure. That your hardware drivers be kept updated.

Microsoft Windows 10 Desktop View

In Microsoft Windows 10, you can update the driver through Windows Update. But it is always recommended. That users use the driver manufacturer’s proprietary desktop program to properly download and install driver updates.

Udemix is informed. That this week, Intel, AMD, and Nvidia are rolling out new drivers to systems running Windows 10 version 1709 or later. The update comes with significant improvements and fixes to make the computer faster by resolving network connection problems, system crashes, and other issues.

How to update drivers in windows 10 – Intel’s December update

On PCs using Intel network hardware (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), there are now two new driver updates. Which can be implemented on Windows 10. You have to update some new drivers through the Intel Driver Updater tool.

However, optional updates have been introduced for Windows 10. When Intel drivers and adapters seem to be still causing problems for users. Intel once again confirmed that a bug in their software would cause connection problems and crash some PCs.

Intel fixed the wireless driver issue last month in Microsoft Windows 10. But it seems that these small problems still exist.

windows 10 december 20 new driver update wireless bluetooth

Intel is currently releasing a new Bluetooth driver update to solve the problem of multiple devices (mouse, headset, stylus, etc.). According to the changelog, this update also fixes Bluetooth disconnection bugs for some devices.

Another bug has also been fixed. That is, after restarting the system from Bluetooth device sleep mode or hibernation, a yellow alert can be displayed in Device Manager. Intel said it has seen this “rare” problem on some systems. Device Manager can display a yellow signal under the Bluetooth section.

In addition to the Bluetooth driver, a new wireless (Wi-Fi) driver update is also being launched for Microsoft Windows 10. According to the changelog, the Intel Wi-Fi driver update patched a significant bug. Due to which some PCs hit the blue screen of death.

The following is the full update log:

  • The Fix random Wi-Fi connection problems while playing an online video.
  • Fix the “Blue Screen of Death” error.
  • Fix the yellow alert message issue of the wireless adapter in Device Manager.
  • Including performance and safety improvements.

Intel update on Windows 10 is for download. Just go to Intel’s Driver and Accessory Accessories and check for updates. You have to easily update drivers in Windows 10.

update drivers in Microsoft windows 10

Nvidia 457.51 WHQL driver for Microsoft Windows 10

Earlier this week, Nvidia released the WHQL driver and version 457.51. This update adds support for the RTX 3060 Ti graphics card and fixes the blue screen of death crash. The device that may occur upon waking from sleep.

Another Windows 10 BSOD error has been fixed, and some of these devices crash while playing or watching videos in Google Chrome.

The Nvidia457.51 WHQL certified driver can be downloaded through the GeForce Experience application on Windows 10.

AMD Radeon 20.11.3 Driver

Like Nvidia, AMD has also released the Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.3 driver for Windows. This version adds support for Immortals Phenix Rising, Vulcan ray tracing extensions. Anyway, the game fixes a bunch of problems in Microsoft Windows 10.

AMD GPU driver version 20.11.3 also fixes the problem of rendering in the game by enabling HDR mode of Windows 10. But a BUG that causes problems when streaming Netflix application content.

The new driver can be downloaded in the Radeon software application.

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