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GTA Vice City remastered mod: After the GTA-5 Success

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After the GTA-5 Success, Modder’s are launched GTA vice City remastered mod

The GTA Vice City game has been combined with the latest addition to Grand Theft Auto. Which is for a great mod provided by the modder. Rockstar is not officially provided by gamers. There is a mod by modders. Such as third-party development. However, it did not receive the same amount of love as San Andreas. But it is still one of the best games of a generation and deserves its place in the hearts of GTA players. It has a lot of features in 2020. I think after Some time GTA 6 Release Date have coming soon.

In the 1980s GTA Vice City Miami – as provided to us by Rockstar or Third Party Developers. Different from anything in the franchise. Vice City was a huge city famous for sunset views and water in the sea, beautiful beaches, and the Malibu Club. Which often felt like a puzzle in itself.

Gta Vice City Remastered Walking in the city

Here we go with an improved version of GTA V remastered. 2020 is a great game. Since the initial release of the mod was too heavy for GTA 5. So due to the large number of props being added, the developer decided to update Vice City. sport.

Now you can use this mod without the need for easily modified game config and you will get to play it easily. Also, the developers realized. That some areas had too much vegetation. Then the developer decided to remove a lot of props. So that it could be closer to the actual Los Angeles vegetation. Then the developers have modified and improved the game.

And, modders, fortunately, this easily solved the crashing issues! However, if you like the initial release of the mod with so much vegetation everywhere. So 1.3 is still downloadable. But I recommended it.

GTA Vice City Remastered Car Drive in City

GTA Vice City remastered Mod Features:

  • works as Add-On Ymaps, this means perfect integration in the game.
  • 7000 more variety objects added around L.S. (trees, palms trees, plants, benches, bins, litters,/tables/chairs, chickens…and so much more).
  • All props are manually placed with differents orientation, size, and rotation.

Changelog 2.0b:

  • Removed some unrealistic object at the observatory, there is nothing on the grass in real-life L.A. observatory.
  • Added new Downtown L.S. areas with new three files are added for about tree hundred new objects. You can see this in the quarter around the L.S. bank tower.

Changelog 2.0:

  • Removed unnecessary props in every file to lighten the mod and make it closer to real life.
  • Adjusted (decreased) load distance for the big forest in the countryside of L.S.
  • Slightly downscale the heigh of some props like palm trees in every file of the mod to make it more natural for your eyes.
  • No more modified game config needed to run the mod.

Then you have to download GTA vice city click here..

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Remastered System Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV 1133MHz / AMD Athlon XP 1900+
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon 9200 Series or NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX 64MB
  • System Memory: 2 GB RAM And More
  • Storage: 10 GB Hard drive space or more
  • DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card or other graphic’s

Note: you have to play easily this game in less graphic. The is my experience because I have to check out this gameplay this game was run smoother in fewer specifications.

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