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GTA Online: The doomsday heist – New Bug Fixed & the loading speed was 70% faster

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According to Udemix News on March 16, The new News is related to GTA Online: The doomsday heist. The Verge, a foreign programmer, t0st, has changed the code for “GTA OL”. Which has increased the loading speed of the game by 70% and reduced the configuration requirements to some extent. Producer R Star checked its code and offered programmers a reward of US $ 10,000 (about 65,000 yuan) for the discovery and solution of the bug.

Udemix learned that this great programmer has written on his blog. “GTA Online is notorious for its slow loading time. When I replayed this classic game, I’m shocked to learn that it’s still extremely slow to load. It’s been seven years. It’s released It was done, it’s time to get to the bottom of it. “

GTA Online: The doomsday heist Hardware Consumption such as ram , memory, disk and GPU

Programmer t0st checked the code for “GTA Online” and found that it took too long to open and excessive use of the CPU was caused by inefficient code. For example, a 10MB JSON file is repeatedly read 63,000 times to count all store purchases. So 1.98 billion if commands are executed while waiting for loading.

After T0st code refactoring, the loading time of “GTA Online” has been improved from 6 minutes to 1 minute and 50 seconds, with a 70% jump.

A deserved reward – but what about consoles?

Manufacturer R Star checked the bug he discovered and its repair code, confirmed the existence of the bug, and issued t0st US $ 10,000 (about 65,000 yuan) as a reward.

GTA Online: The doomsday heist Preview

Star R said in an interview related to GTA Online: The doomsday heist. That “after a thorough investigation, we can confirm that the game code has a BUG related to the loading time of the PC version of” GTA Online “,” Star R stated in an interview. “After completing it. Bug, after investigation, we have made some improvements and will implement them in the next update.”

Udemix has learned that Star R has not told this. As to when the next game update will be released and implemented. But the problem that players have had for seven years, should be solved soon.

Here’s hoping they get an update much earlier. But with the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game in the works (not to mention the rumored development of GTA 6). We will not hold our breath on any drastic improvement in the present. Console versions of the game are coming anytime soon.

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