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Google interview – Google search history Impact my Google interview

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Google search history Impact my Google interview

While the Google interview process, How can Google search history impact on your Google Interview

Today we have to concern about how google search history impacts the Google Interview process before the concern we have to know about Google.

Google LLC

Google is the world’s largest American Multinational company that specializes in Internet-related services and products which includes advertising, a search engine, cloud computing, android development, hardware, and software.

At this time many people have to try to get a job in Google, or many people said that Google has a dream job this time because google has the first place at technical companies, then google interview is a world toughest interview in the word. According to research, 20 million people have to apply in Google and only 5000 people have to select for the job. now you think how difficult it would be to interview google.

Google interview process
Google interview process

While the google interview process how can Google search history impact on Google Interview

According to Ilja Klemm, former Developer Relations Community Manager (External!) at Google. He shares, his own interview experience about the search history how the impact on Google interviews.

Sure! There is called BSHCD (Background Search History Check Division), which will thoroughly look at everything you’ve ever looked at, ever.

Because you know about the Internet never forgets, when you have to delete your search history, it’s still going to be saved in Google servers, then your Internet history never deleted there have to save in servers.

Google lots of employee hire for tracing activities when it’s unknown how much work-force Google employs for this task, but my guess would be quite some people.

This was a joke.

  • Google doesn’t look at your Search History.
  • They don’t have the people to do that.
  • It wouldn’t yield any valuable information for Google.

Google is a company, this is not a secret services company! Also, what kind of info would be there to indicate that you’re fit / unfit for the job? some time Everyone would just create a special history such as “I love the XYZ” and more. Even if everyone is completely honest and would never change their Search History also, or buy a new computer, what could be there?

  • Porn (so what?!)
  • you also extremist websites (because I’m curious and I wanted to check something myself )
  • I’m secretly LGBTQ+ (So what?! Congrats, if anything!)
  • I’m a pervert murderer/extremist / really horrible person who should be in prison ( in that case, yup, that would be useful. But the POLICE is going to look at everything concerning you. Also, shouldn’t you be busy doing evil stuff and evading the Police, instead of applying to Google?)

Finally, Google is built on TRUST. They trust you to not be an asshole. If you are, they’ll notice sooner or later, and don’t need your Search History for that.

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