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Google Android 12 screenshots leaked : Major UI design, Google’s Next Android OS

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The first batch of screenshots of the original design of the Android 12 prototype exposed (Google Android 12 concept): visual changes, opaque backgrounds, and a bit like iOS.

IT House News On February 9, according to the report of a foreign media XDA-developers, a news has come out about Android 12. Today, an initial draft of a document was allegedly leaked to the Internet by Google to summarize changes to Android 12. It was likewise extracted the document to show new functional changes to the UI and screenshots. And related evidence that the relevant document is genuine.

The new Android 12 interface uses a brand-new flat surface. Which uses less transparency, more white space and more rounded corners. Some levels of design are a bit like iOS.

Android 12 notification panel UI

One of the screenshots, reportedly Android 12, shows the new notification panel UI. Use an opaque light beige background. However color may depend on this. Whether the current theme has dark mode enabled. The separation between the “conversation” part and other notifications still exists, and the rounded corners of each notification are now more obvious.

Android 12 concept notification panel UI Highlight

The number of Quick Settings tiles displayed when the notification panel is partially expanded has been reduced from 6 to 4. Which makes each icon larger. The date and clock position have been changed, and a privacy indicator has been added in the upper right corner.

Privacy Features

It seems that Google may add new privacy features to Android 12. In the new Android version, whenever an application uses a camera or microphone. Then you may get a warning as a status bar indicator. By clicking on these status bar icons, a window may pop up at the top of the screen. Will tell you which applications are using the camera or microphone.

Android 12 has perceived improvements in “privacy” settings related to this change. New “privacy” settings may include a switch to disable the camera and mute the microphone entirely, in addition to using the location. You can already disable all sensors on your device by using the “Sensor Off” Quick Settings component. But this component can be displayed only after enabling the developer option. Android 12 can place these sensor switches in privacy settings to make it easier for users to access these sensors.

Android 12 widget

Finally, there is a new member. Which appears to be Android widget selection. When Apple recently added widgets to iOS systems. So we thought that they were better than the implementation of Android in some ways. However, it is unclear whether Google is planning to make major changes to the widget.

Conversation Section

That they plan to make at least some changes. In some screenshots, you can see what is a new “conversation” widget in Android 12 that can highlight the status of recent messages, missed calls, or activity. The widget displayed is small and looks. That it is large enough to fit the next display of a message / phone / position in its size.

IT Home is informed. That one document suggests that Google wants to make the “Conversation” widget an essential feature for all Android 12 devices. These widgets can provide access to “personal shortcuts”. Containing information about avatar, name, notification content, and status, all set in the People Manager class.

Google also plans to bind the camera and microphone indicator to Android 12. These indicators should be prominently displayed at the top of the screen. Always visible whenever the camera or microphone is accessed, and the entire ecosystem must have the same color. We do not know before we get the full Android 12 Compatibility Definition Document (CDD). What other changes will be mandatory.

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